You don't know how much more you can take it.

You used to love your job - you were great at it - but now you don't even want to get up in the morning.
Exhausted all the time, you stumble around, can't concentrate or act decisively, you lose things - and last week you forgot an important meeting.

Stressing out over the smallest things - You're swindling between rattling fear and bitter frustration. Even your friends have started commenting that something is not right.

You go home and there they are - hundreds of images - the newspaper, the TV, the social media. Nothing but bitter politics, natural disasters, crime. You see what other people post online and feel like you're never living up to their achievements and expectations. Feelings of being a failure consume you.

Friends ask you what is going on, but you cannot be honest with them. Nothing you used to enjoy seems to matter anymore. Hobbies, leisure activities; and sex life? Let's not even go there.

What is Psychotherapy

Why bother?
So you throw down the pillow. All you want to do is sleep - an activity that enables you put all of that behind. And sometimes it works. But most of the time the thoughts circle around and spins back and forth. Your mind restlessly reenacts the drama of all your worst moments - feelings of worthlessness, guilt, self-blame, emptiness. 

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.​ Day after day.

Just putting one foot in front of the other is almost unbearable.

Everything hurts: head, back, muscles and joints.

You're about to lose it. You are all alone

It hurts and you feel like there is no hope and no future. The only voice you hear is the one reminding you: "it's all your fault."

But it is not you. And it's not your fault.

hoq to benefit from Psychotherapy

But if you keep doing the same things, you will keep getting the same results. There is a way out, and it's easier than you think. You just need to make the first step and open yourself for help.

Psychotherapy can set you on a path of inner healing. It's a different kind of adventure where the destination is nothing but you. 

Life can become meaningful. Relationships can be fulfilling. You can finally feel great about yourself. 

There are many therapeutic methods out there. They all seek to equip you with the tools you need to walk through life with a sense of purpose and meaning. 

You are in the driving seat of your life. But if you are not sure where you are going, you can always make the choice to ask for support.