• Online Group Therapy for Expats in Austria

    Online Group Therapy for Expats in Austria

    Social microcosm

    The group provides social microcosm where personal problems can be worked through


    The Feedback comes from multiple people and not only from one therapist or life coach


    The group provides realm to support others and to develop empathy and self-awareness


    Increasing resilience and stress tolerance is more effective in group settings


    The group promotes self-awareness to the impact that we make on others


    The group promotes development of social skills and altruism

    Benefits of Group Therapy

    There are many ways in which the group-therapy can support your personal growth beyond the six listed above. In the group, it is possible to become aware of the universality of your problems and realize that you are never alone. The experience in the group cultivates the hope that change is possible.

    The Austrian Association for Group Therapy and Group Dynamic, where I’m trained and currently in the status of Psychotherapist in Training under Supervision, has a long tradition of 60 years in the field of experiential groups.

    My Approach to Group Therapy in Vienna

    My approach to group-therapy is psychoanalytic oriented. Implementing the discoveries of Sigmund Freud in the analytic group therapy is a significant development in psychoanalysis. The idea is to disable the usual filtering of our thoughts that is active everywhere else and to gradually allow everything that comes to mind to be expressed. Of course, this is easier said than done and most people find the concept of analytic group therapy terrifying. Nobody said that personal growth is supposed to be easy. Why is it so frightening to speak up our mind? When the members of the group develop enough trust in each other and in me as the therapist, the level of intimacy that is created is deeper than what is usually available in the external life. The group provides a very precious environment where it is possible to be whole again, as we were before we learned to be ashamed of certain aspects in our selves. Expats in Vienna can now take part of an analytic group to enhance their personal development.

    Group Therapy is Cost Effective

    Group-Therapy in Vienna costs €40 for a 90 minutes session and to some people it can be even more effective than one-on-one appointment with psychotherapist, which costs significantly more. It does not mean that group therapy is a cheap alternative to psychotherapy but it is also something to consider among other factors.

    Group therapy for problems in relationships: Growing together
    If psychological difficulties especially in relationships occur, there are several options to grow out of them. The classic approach is the individual therapy where I and my clients sit face to face. In this setting, All the focus is only on you. Another good choice to work on psychological problems would be the group therapy. The group therapy is taking place with me as a leader and a maximum of 8 participants.. The meetings take place in English. In the group, you are not alone with the advantages of the experience of belonging to a group, being able to give and receive feedback from more people, and much more. Emotions play the most important role in both variations of therapy.

    You are not alone

    Every group is like a small social microcosm. This is also the case with group therapy in Vienna. The group tends to be supportive but conflicts are also part of every close relationship and the group therapy is no exception. It may draw your attention to emotional areas that are hidden from you but which stand in your way to establish intimacy. Every group therapy is a continuous process that stretches over meetings that take place once a week. With time, participants get to know each other and me as the leader of the group, and they develop the trust that promotes change and growth.

    Universality of problems

    The group therapy can be a great resource to personal growth. The participants recognize the universality of their emotional challenges in the group but also methods to tackle them. Furthermore, members can profit from the experience of other members and from the group dynamics. If you are not sure whether the group therapy can really help you, you can schedule a consultation appointment to have all your questions answered. I do not charge for this consultation, and there is no better way to get a feeling whether the chemistry between us could work.

    To discuss whether group therapy could be right for you, please schedule an initial consultation.

    There is convincing data from the study of nonhuman primates, primitive human cultures, and contemporary society that human beings have always lived in groups that have been characterized by intense and persistent relationships among members and that the need to belong is a powerful, fundamental, and pervasive motivation. – Irvin Yalom
    sharing is made possible in group therapy vienna

    The group-therapy provides a social microcosm

    The group provides a safe playground where different social patterns can come to the surface and be brought to the attention of the group members. This is not always possible in the normal psychotherapy, where the therapy is dependent on the material brought by the client, who is often not aware of the ways in which he affects the people around him or her, and therefore he or she can bring only part of the truth to the therapy. Group-Therapy-Vienna provides a much richer social microcosm to work on, and after gaining sufficient trust, the potential to work on your core issues and to change is tremendous. The group is the future of psychotherapy because we are humans are social creatures and the quality of our relationships is the most important factor that determines whether we feel happy or not.

    The analytic group is different than anything you have experienced before, and this method is now available for expats in Vienna. If you are an expat who lives in Vienna and you would like to discuss whether group therapy might be right for you, please schedule an initial consultation.
    the group promotes altruism

    The “here-and-now” in the Group-Therapy

    The “here-and-now” of the group is much more important than the history of the members. The most important relationships are those that develop inside the group and not past ones. It is who you are that matters and not all the labels that you have put on yourself. Members bring their habitual emotional patterns of behavior and feelings, and this is the material that is required for the work done in the group-therapy. The experience in the group promotes life with more self-awareness, much more fulfilling relationships and with better understanding of our feelings and the impact that they make on other people.

    In short, the interpersonal experiential field of the group can lead to better competence in perceiving your emotional world during interactions and relationships, as well as your tendency to react in certain ways. G roup-Therapy-Vienna is also a great opportunity to improve your tolerance towards personal feedback from other people and your ability to make use of it. It promotes above all social skills that are needed to establish intimacy with another person while learning to appreciate similarities and differences in the way we experience the world.

    The Future of Psychotherapy

    The opportunity to participate in an analytic group therapy in English can serve your personal growth while living in Vienna and enjoying the quality of life that this city offers. The purpose of this analytic group is to help English speakers in Vienna to develop psychologically and to improve the quality of their relationships. Belonging to a group is a deep psychological human need, but in the era of social networks, the capacity to be part of a group in real life has been damaged. Group therapy is the future of psychotherapy because it provides social settings that is needed to heal the psyche from the deficiencies caused by modern lifestyle.