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Even though you will naturally be the focus of our work, I think it is important that you know who I am before we start working together. This will hopefully reduce some of the insecurities you may understandably have when starting a personal journey with a “stranger.”

My name is Rotem Hess, I was born in Israel and in the past 15 years, I live in Austria with my family. Helping people from all over the world to work on their mental health and create the life that they wish for themselves is my passion. But my life did not lead me straight to my current career in psychotherapy and coaching.   

I used to work in electrical engineering for more than a decade, the last few years in a promising startup company in the Israeli high-tech industry. I was responsible for the development of semiconductor components for wireless communication products.   

Identifying and solving difficulties, both interpersonal within the international team and technological at the lab, were some of my main tasks. It became clear to me that most problems in companies are actually of an interpersonal nature and finally I realised that human nature is much more fascinating to me than any machine could ever be. 

The analytical approach to problem solving benefit me today in my work as a psychotherapist. Curiosity was always and still is a big drive for me. I was always looking for better ways to reach goals easier and faster and also in my current work, I always seek the fastest and most practical solutions for the emotional challenges that my clients are struggling with.    

For me, mindfulness therapy combined with psychological insights that allow you to make peace with the past and friends with your feelings while moving forward is the most effective method to achieve lasting changes.

It's now up to you whether you want something to change. You can take action today towards the life that you deserve. 

Rotem Hess, Psychotherapis​t

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