My Mission



Through my journey of self-discovery, I have come to realize that clarity is the very essence of my being. It fuels my curiosity to reflect, to explore the depths of my thoughts and emotions. This extends to a deep-seated desire to understand and empathise with those around me, be it my family, friends, or colleagues. With clarity as my guiding light, I am empowered to chart a course towards a purposeful existence, one that is rich with meaning and fulfilment.


Psychotherapy is all about personal growth and transformation, and there's one trait that's absolutely essential for making that happen: courage. Think about it – therapy often involves some heavy emotional lifting, perhaps digging deep into past traumas if necessary, and making significant changes in behavior and mindset. All of that takes some serious guts and a willingness to face the uncomfortable and the unknown. Luckily, the therapeutic relationship itself can be a powerful tool for building courage. Through openness, honesty, and self-reflection, clients can find a safe space to practice vulnerability and grow in bravery. With courage on your side, therapy can help you overcome any obstacle and live a life that's truly fulfilling. 

While many may seek knowledge for its own sake, true transformation is a different beast altogether, and psychotherapy offers an unparalleled avenue towards achieving it. For me, the pursuit of transformation is not just a nice ideal; it is a burning passion that has imbued my life with meaning and purpose. Through the process of psychotherapy, I have been able to transcend the limitations of my past, and chart a bold new course towards a brighter future. The feeling of fulfilment and liberation that comes with such profound self-transformation is truly indescribable, and it is my firm belief that this powerful tool has the potential to transform the lives of countless others, as it has done for me.

Since 2016, I've been working in my private practice first as a psychotherapist under supervision, and later becoming a licensed psychotherapist. What I love most about my work is the diversity of the people I encounter, from different social backgrounds and cultures to unique life experiences and personalities. Each client brings their own narrative, and I strive to see them beyond a diagnosis and instead as a unique individual with their own strengths and potential.

In all situations, I take a curious, non-judgmental approach and work collaboratively with my clients to find the best path forward. 

In 2020, after the pandemic had forced me to take my practice online, I discovered a new sense of freedom and the ability to support clients from all over the world and I have become a virtual psychotherapist. 


everyone has the innate potential to reach their full level of maturity, just like a butterfly transforming from a caterpillar. By eliminating the hindrances, we can tap into our resources and grow. My goal as a psychotherapist is to accompany my clients on their journey, offering new perspectives and support to help them be who they want and deserve to be.
If you're looking for a psychotherapist who values your unique narrative, believes in your innate potential, and can guide you on your path to self-actualization, then I would be happy to work with you. 

Let's take small steps together to create big changes in your life. 
Relationship Issues

Relationships determine the quality of our wellbeing and the most important one is with our self.

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Social Anxiety

Is anxiety taking over your life? Does it feel like you can’t control it no matter how hard you try?

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Online Therapy

Online therapy makes counselling accessible anywhere in the world via live video conferencing.

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Mindfulness Therapy

Mindfulness is an effective method to improve the quality of our awareness and wellbeing.

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Psychotherapy has changed my life and it is my passion to make it accessible to anyone, anywhere.

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Here you will find some of the frequently asked questions and answers. You can reach out for more info.

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I'd love to help you create the life that you desire. 

It's not a weakness to realise that something in your life is not right. To admit, that you are neither satisfied nor happy with your current life situation, that you want to change, and that you cannot do it on your own.

It's not a weakness to ask for support - just the opposite: it's a sign of progress and strength.

And this is exactly what I appreciate the most: your courage, trust, and readiness to take action to change your life and start a new chapter full of satisfaction and fulfillment.