Clarity is for me synonymous with knowing who I am and where I want to be. It conveys my curiosity for introspection, to look inside myself, to explore what I feel and think. It extends to having the mindset of seeking to understand those around me, from family and friends to people I work with. 


The next step leading to transformation is taking action. Clarity and understanding alone cannot create a lasting change. Our mind needs to be able to act what it already knows that is right. With clarity, we can learn from new experiences rather than just "go out of the comfort zone." When we learn from our experiences,  our brain rewires, our sense of clarity intensifies, we become integrated, and new energies and possibilities make themselves available to us. For example, to become a psychotherapist, I had to experience psychotherapy myself as part of my trainings to really feel the benefits that until then were just intellectual knowledge.  

Transformation is the goal of psychotherapy. If you just wanted to gain more knowledge, you could google it or read it in a book. The reason I am so passionate about psychotherapy is because I think it is the most effective way to transform ourselves and our lives. Going through this transformation has given me fulfilment in life and the feeling that my past does not determine my future. 

Closing the gap from who I was to who I am   

Born in a small city close to Tel-Aviv, I grew up in a middle class family with 3 siblings. As a typical sandwich child who struggles for his position in the family, I looked up to my older brother and sister and fought a lot with my younger brother who "stole" my position as the spoiled child. Else my childhood was quite uneventful and my parents have always given us a sense of stability, reliability, and responsibility. These traits as well as love for nature and sports have become a core part of my identity. Thankfully, I was also able to grow out of the habit of looking up to people or being too sensitive for my position being stolen. I simply make sure to do things my way without comparing myself to anyone else.  

In 2001 I graduated from Computer Engineering at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. It counts as one of my biggest successes since the Technion is known for its high standards. It  was a study that increased my discipline, analytical and problem solving skills. I found the worlds of numbers, science and technology fascinating.   

Starting from this point along with the experience I gained from working in the Israeli high-tech industry, I began to devote a lot of my time to understanding how we can have a balanced and healthy life. As a result of my interest, I have studied a lot of productivity, time, and energy management programs. I also discovered my passion for spirituality and psychology, and gradually, I started to feel that my job was kind of a golden cage. So finally, being certain that life has more than a stable job with nice salary to offer, I decided to open the door and "fly" away.

It is because of my curiosity and determination to discover what is going on inside of people's mind and how to make relationships work that I am a psychotherapist today. For more than 10 years, I have studied psychology at the Open University of Israel, Psychotherapy Science at the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna, and I have completed my training as psychotherapist at the Austrian Association for Group Dynamics and Group Therapy

During these years, I had some of my most exciting experiences, challenges, and successes. Transforming my analytical "left brain" skills to relational, emotional and empathetical skills was not always easy but it was more than worth the efforts and investments. It has taught me that these latter skills are what matter most to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Ever since I have been in a continuous process of learning not only about myself but also about the human psyche and the dynamics of relationships. It has been the most enriching and rewarding experiences of my life. One says that a psychotherapist can guide you as much as he or she knows himself. That is why I value a lot my developed capacity to know and understand myself, and my eagerness to rediscover who I am in unknown situations.
Since 2016 I have been working in my private praxis first as a psychotherapist under supervision, later as a licensed psychotherapist.  

In 2020, the pandemic forced me to work online and in the crisis, I've discovered something good that actually works well for me. Being independent of location and the ability to support clients from all over the world have convinced me to switch permanently to a virtual practice.  

What I love most about my work is the diversity of the people I encounter in my practice. Different social backgrounds and cultures, unique life experiences, distinct value systems, and personalities, all make my experience in working with people very exciting. I enjoy sharing my knowledge as much as I enjoy learning from my clients.  

When I work with individuals I strive to always look beyond a diagnosis and instead to see the person with his/her unique narrative, how they reached that point, where they want to be, and how I can best support them. 

In all situations I strive to always be in a curious, non-judgmental position, to have a supportive role for my clients, and to find the most collaborative approach that will work best for them.  

Finally, my goal as a psychotherapist is to bring professionalism, value, and knowledge to those who are seeking support, to offer new perspectives on life, and to help people on their way to being who they want to be.


My deep wish and curiosity to understand people have been my reason for choosing this study. Ever since I had started it, my life has been continuously enriching and I know, I took the right way. 

Allow yourself to be you is the motto I have chosen to present my vision about psychotherapy. Why? Because I believe in each of us there are enough resources that could help us feel happier if only set free. In my vision, every person has an innate tendency toward self-actualisation and if the hindrances are eliminated, the individual can reach his/her full level of maturity, just like a butterfly transforms from a caterpillar, the same with our resources, if recognized and nurtured, they will help us grow. 

Inspired by many theories of deep psychology and strengthened by the solution focused techniques that further trainings in neuroscience and mindfulness have offered me, my goal as psychotherapist is to accompany you on your way out of the difficult situations you may encounter. In this process, I am a trusted and respectful listener. 

I know that small steps lead to big changes  
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Psychotherapy has changed my life and it is my passion to make it accessible to anyone, anywhere.

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It's not a weakness to realise that something in your life is not right. To admit, that you are neither satisfied nor happy with your current life situation, that you want to change, and that you cannot do it on your own.

It's not a weakness to ask for support - just the opposite: it's a sign of progress and strength.

And this is exactly what I appreciate the most: your courage, trust, and readiness to take action to change your life and start a new chapter full of satisfaction and fulfillment.